Wentworth to Broken Hill Pipeline

John Holland will design, build, operate and maintain a new WaterNSW owned 270km water supply pipeline from the River Murray in Wentworth to Broken Hill.

John Holland is working with MPC Group to construct the new pipeline, including pumping facilities, water storage and power supply, and will then partner with TRILITY for the operations and maintenance of the pipeline for up to 20-years.

The 270km pipeline will supply up to 37.4 megalitres of a peak daily demand of raw water to Essential Water in Broken Hill as the local water provider.

The raw water will be sourced near Wentworth on the River Murray with the pipeline being constructed underground and to generally follow the Silver City Highway corridor to Broken Hill.

The project will bring immediate benefits to both the Wentworth and Broken Hill communities through more than 150 local jobs, as well as the sourcing of project materials and other support logistics from local and regional providers.