South Road Superway

South Road Superway, SA

In joint venture with Macmahon and Leed Engineering, John Holland delivered this $812 million 4.8 kilometre non-stop, multi-lane corridor connecting north and south Adelaide.

Designed to improve traffic efficiency and management, whilst also enhancing road safety and local accessibility for the growing population, the project also included the construction of a 2.8 kilometre elevated roadway, one of the longest in Australia and South Australia's first. The use of the elevated roadway meant less land was needed for construction, subsequently reducing impact on local businesses and landowners.

A number of innovations were implemented on the project, including the "mates looking after mates" program, which resulted in more than 1 million man hours LTI free. The most notable innovation, however; was the incorporation of 4D modelling.

For the South Road Superway project, the construction process had a high likelihood of significantly impacting road users, adjacent business and other stakeholders. Therefore, the ability to visualise construction with 4D modelling enabled the project to fully analyse and test its design and construction proposals. Construction methodology and impacts on traffic could all be visualised using realistic animation showing the progression of construction activities, and enabled options to be quickly trialled to optimise plans and methodologies, prevent potential issues or for changes to be efficiently and cost-effectively incorporated into the design. The use of 4D modelling empowered the project to develop innovations resulting in accurate and efficient analysis of variations to time and construction activities.