Qantas Domestic Terminal Refurbishment & Redevelopment - Perth

Perth Qantas Domestic Terminal, WA

The Qantas Domestic Terminal Refurbishment project involved the expansion of the existing terminal. Subsequent to the successful completion of the refurbishment works in 1998, John Holland was then awarded the Qantas Domestic Terminal Redevelopment in 2002. 

Works took place on both the landside and airside areas of the airport. Careful planning and coordination was carried out to ensure continuity of the primary services, as well as the safety and well-being of passengers and employees. The project was still being designed as construction works proceeded. John Holland played an active role in ensuring that the most effective construction sequence was used. Construction occurred at a time when supply of structural steel was unreliable, so John Holland fabricated the steel in-house to ensure timely completion of the project.

The subsequently awarded redevelopment project also took place while the Qantas Domestic Terminal was fully operational. It included extensions to the Qantas Club, extensions to the Qantas Airlink check-in, construction of new concession stores, modifications to various sundry areas, and the installation of 280 tonnes of steel and 400m3 of concrete.

Working within a tight time frame amid a fully operational domestic air terminal, John Holland successfully delivered these project on time and to a high standard.