New Farm Riverwalk Replacement

John Holland rebuilt a critical section of the New Farm Riverwalk on the Brisbane River after being destroyed in the 2011 floods. The new 850-metre floating pathway restored the vital city link, connecting 20km of pathway for the community.

The key requirement of this project included building a flood-resilient pathway with a 100-year design life. John Holland ensured this target was achieved by developing a unique set of construction methodologies, including mobilising a purpose-built piling barge, to overcome the complexities posed by the unique geotechnical profile of the Brisbane River, including a significantly high rock strength (Brisbane tuff).

Other features of the Riverwalk include a rotating span to allow for local marine access, a wider and slightly varied path from the original walkway to enhance the river experience and increase privacy for residents, shaded rest stops, help points, water fountains and CCTV.

The pathway connects the suburb of New Farm to Brisbane via the historic Howard Smith Wharf Precinct and is used by thousands each day.