Bayview Noosa Resort

Bayview Noosa Resort, QLD

The Bayview Noosa Resort project involved the construction of eight detached luxury houses and 23 villas nestled on Noosa Hill, including the upgrading of external roads, with associated services, traffic management and landscaping.

The internal civil works involved the creation of a man-made natural habitat dam and innovative use of reinforced earth retaining walls to meet ecological requirements of the development approval. 

A significant element of the project was the rehabilitation of the Noosa Hill to return the site to vegetation density and diversity similar to the adjacent Noosa National Park. This involved the eradication of all weeds and planting of 36,000 tube-stocks and trees.

The location of the project posed considerable challenges for the erection of conventional structures. The steep, constricted site made logistics for materials and subcontractor movement difficult.